When issues develop in the workplace between two or more colleagues it can be very unproductive for the business and the team.  When this arises Management should always recommend the Informal Route to the parties which is Mediation.  It is always the most attractive route and in a very high percentage of cases is the most productive.  Unfortunately, there will be times when colleagues do not want to take the Informal Route and a Formal Investigation will need to take place.

Doyle Solicitors of Dublin state: “The demand for investigations in the workplace is growing and continues to cause employers headaches in terms of both the time and indeed the cost including management time expended in the carrying out of same.  Unfortunately, many workplace investigations continue to be conducted in a haphazard fashion culminating in those carrying out the investigation ending up in the witness-box down the road and being subject to intensive cross-examination.”

Kate O’Shea Solutions is qualified in carrying out workplace investigations and in doing so will protect your Company from the many pitfalls which a business can encounter along the way.  We will conduct your Investigation by implementing the following:

  • Compile Terms of Reference and Agreement
  • Confirm after reviewing the complaint, the nature and content of the allegations
  • Stress confidentiality to all involved but relay that this may be beyond the scope of the investigation
  • Meet and Interview Complainant and Respondent
  • Meet and Interview any Witnesses and take statements
  • Record/Minute all interviews and ensure verification
  • Compile Draft Investigation Report with provisional conclusions
  • Present to Claimant and Respondent for comment
  • Meet with both to take or not take comments on board
  • Final Report to Commissioning Manager and copy to both parties

Final Report will include all aspects of Investigation which will include Terms of Reference, Minutes of all Meetings, Conclusions of Investigation and Recommendations.  Recommendations may include to proceed to Disciplinary Action.  This may be that the Investigation has found that the complaint is being upheld.  Disciplinary Action may also be recommended for the making of a Malicious Complaint.  There may also be No Findings and Best Practice will be advised.

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