Mediation is described as:

“The Act or process of mediating between parties, as to effect an agreement or reconciliation”

We are qualified Mediators and offer this service which often provides an amiable solution when people are in conflict.  Mediation is the attempt to help parties in a disagreement to hear one another, to minimise the harm that can come from disagreement to maximize any area of agreement, and to find a way of preventing the areas of disagreement from interfering with the smooth running of the business.

The Mediators Institute of Ireland describes Mediation as:

  • a form of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).
  • a way of resolving disputes.
  • a process in which the Mediator assists the parties to negotiate a settlement.
  • a process of collaboration, not conflict.
  • a transformative, empowering process.
  • safe, respectful and voluntary.
  • constantly consultative - nothing happens without your input.
  • a process which invites an open mind.

Mediation can be a way of creating a more harmonious workforce and working environment.  It also reduces costs as it can be a way of resolving issues for a company before they get out of hand and become costly through litigation.

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